Four Dirtbags Arrested for Taking Phone Pics of Sex Abuse Victim While She Testified in Rabbi Case

At least one photo was posted on Twitpic.

Weberman. (Jewish Community Watch)

Weberman. (Jewish Community Watch)

Can you think of anything more disgusting than photographing an alleged sex-abuse victim as she testifies in court about being forced, as a preteen, to perform oral sex on a clergyman? How about posting the photos on the internet?

That’s exactly what four Hasidic men are accused of doing during the trial of Nechemya Weberman, the Orthodox Jewish rabbi and unlicensed therapist accused of abusing a young girl who was sent to him for therapy.

According to Maury Weiss at DNAInfo, the judge halted the trial yesterday, after a court officer noticed a man snapping cell phone pictures of the alleged victim, now 17, while she testified. The jury was cleared from the courtroom, and members of the public were forced to turn over their phones, which were subsequently searched for images of the accuser.

It’s not the first time that Mr. Weberman and his supporters have attempted to sway the victim. In June, four men were arrested for offering the alleged victim $500,000 to drop her case. And on Wednesday, court officers moved Mr. Weberman back into the courtroom after they found him staring menacingly at the victim during a recess.

Four creeps—identified as Joseph Fried, Yona Weisman, Abraham Zupnick and a man named Lemon Juice—were found with pics, and immediately arrested and charged with contempt of court, but not before at least one photo was posted online via Twitpic.

The charges against the men, according to DNAInfo, are misdemeanors, which hardly seems harsh enough.