While Downtown’s Dark, Everyone’s Checking In Uptown

Might as well be two totally different cities

screen shot 2012 11 01 at 2 47 03 pm While Downtowns Dark, Everyones Checking In Uptown

That’s stark. (Photo: Twitter)

Right now, it’s like the literal dark ages downtown. No power, no internet, patches (at best) of cell phone service. People are chronicling the scene in video, narrative and photo form. But if you want to see a really stark visualization, check out this screenshot of Foursquare Explore’s trending locations, tweeted earlier by Peter Wu. His comment: “A tale of two cities.”

Mr. Wu isn’t the only observer to pick up on how the storm sliced the city in half. Last night, the Daily Show devoted an entire segment to riffing on the notion that as the lower half of Manhattan falls apart, uptown is wiling away the hours with Broadway shows and brownies: