Fulop courts Connors, slams Healy

Jersey City mayoral candidate Steve Fulop today said he hopes to find “common ground” with Assemblyman Sean Connors, (D-33) who earlier today withdrew support for Fulop’s opponent, Mayor Jerry Healy.

“I am looking forward to having discussions with the Assemblyman to determine where we have common ground and how we can work together going forward for the residents of Jersey City,” Fulop said.

And though Fulop was quick to court Connors, he also wasted  no time piling on to Connors’ scathing criticism of Healy’s performance post Hurricane Sandy. 

“We’ve been fielding calls from many of Mayor Healy’s most loyal supporters who are coming to realize that he is no longer a viable candidate,” Fulop said in a statement. “His abysmal performance in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy combined with his candidate’s stunning loss in the Ward F special election has exposed a weakness in his armor.”