Gas Lines in Flatbush

There was a cacophony of horns blaring at Coney Island Avenue, as policemen directed traffic around the Hess Station at the corner of 18th Avenue. The passengers of a Meals on Wheels van owned by the Senior League of Flatbush stood on the sidewalk and told The Observer they’d been waiting in line for 45 minutes and moved about a block; they declined to be interviewed further as the line had started moving. “We’re just trying to do our part, you know?,” one young man in a Harvard sweatshirt said before hopping back in to the vehicle and moving about one car-length. They were about 25 cars from the front, a number difficult to gauge as cars traveling from cross-streets kept cutting into the line.

The gas lines in Manhattan and New Jersey have prompted some panic over a gas shortage, one that an expert quoted by Forbes said is more a case of a shortage of gas stations with power and the ability to fuel large trucks.