Jealous Apple Might Not Approve a Google Maps App for iOS 6

Will Apple really not let Google into its party?

 Jealous Apple Might Not Approve a Google Maps App for iOS 6

Ex-Apple VP Scott Forstall (Photo:

All teenagers know that the best way to dethrone the popular kid is to not invite him/her to your party. Anyone needing proof of this needs only to look at the climax of Mean Girls, when Cady Haron doesn’t invite Regina George to her house party. Following that principle, it comes as no surprise that Apple, the akward new kid, might not give app store approvalto a new Google Maps app that works with iOS 6. Apple Maps is the newer and less popular kid at school and it wouldn’t want the homecoming king to come back anytime soon.

iPhone users can still bookmark the Safari page for Google Maps, but a standalone app would be better than any mobile web version, and definitely better than Apple’s flawed offering.

Keeping Google out might be good for Apple’s popularity, but is its inferiority complex hurting users?

Apple recently opened a new featured page in the app store called “Map Apps” that gives you a list of helpful apps that aren’t Apple Maps to try to help their users find their way. However, Apps that use Google’s Maps or Places APIs like Maps+ app and Quick Route are conspicuously missing from the list.

Meanwhile, Apple continues to make helpful changes to their Maps app. Just this week, they improved search strings in their MapKit API to help users find local results (like searching for “coffee”). But Scott Forstall, the leader of Apple’s Maps initiatives, just left the company after refusing to apologize for Mapocaplypse, so they’re obviously in a bit of a transition right now.

Apple’s next maps leader could learn a thing or two from Mean Girls and work with Google, not against it. After all, you can’t dethrone the prom queen without first becoming her frenemy.