Introducing the World’s First Photobooth That Prints 3D Figurines Instead of Portraits


 Introducing the Worlds First Photobooth That Prints 3D Figurines Instead of Portraits


At the Makerbot pop up shop in Nolita, you can purchase mini figurines made by high-tech 3D printers in shapes like cats for $5 a pop. They’re a cute novelty, but there’s nothing personal about them; they’re basically mass-manufactured balls of plastic. But a new invention showing at an exhibition space in Japan puts a personalized spin on the 3D printing market. The Omote 3D printer is a photobooth, but instead of printing out your photo on paper, it prints a miniature replica of you.

Customers stand still in a chosen position for 15 minutes while a 3D scanner measures them from different angles. The data–as detailed as hair color and clothing texture–is transferred to a computer, from which it’s then printed using a 3D printer.

The printer will be set up for a limited time at the Eye of Gyre space in Harajuku, which requires a reservation for you to have your portrait taken. Portraits are also on the pricey side: a small 10 cm figurine costs 21,000 yen–or $261–while a large 20 cm one costs double that. Still, it’s probably the closest you’ll ever get to having an action figure of yourself.

(h/t PopSci)