James Molinaro: Yelling at the Red Cross Worked

(Photo: CNN.com)

Yesterday morning, Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro expressed his frustration with the lack of help his borough has received after it was devastated by Hurricane Sandy by yelling at the Red Cross in the middle of a press conference and even urging people to cease giving the charity money. Later that day, Mr. Molinaro went on Anderson Cooper 360 to say the Red Cross has finally showed up to help Staten Island.

“We’re seeing some improvement from the events that took place this morning,” he said. “Frustration turned into anger. It was a bunch of help for the people of Staten Island. I didn’t see Red Cross nowhere, nowhere at all to be found … After today’s outburst that we had this morning, there’s been a lot of results. I had 10 buses come over from the Red Cross, that are feeding the people, giving them soup.”

Watch Mr. Molinaro’s CNN appearance below: