Terrify Your Friends and Family with a 3D-Printed Fetus of Your New Offspring

Mom: "Jimmy, meet your little brother!" Jimmy: "AAAHHH"

Say hello to the alien passenger in your uterus! (Screencap via)

The list of use cases for 3D printing just keeps growing. Making the rounds once more, this time courtesy of the New York Daily News, is an offering from a Japanese company that will sell proud parents-to-be a 3D printed model of their in-womb fetus. The mouse-sized creation comes encased in clear, baby-bump-shaped resin.

Should make for a great paperweight, and/or nightmare fuel for your toddler.

Says the News:

“As it is only once in a lifetime that you are pregnant with that child, we received requests for these kind of models from pregnant women who… do not want to forget the feelings and experience of that time,” said Tomohiro Kinoshita of FASOTEC, the company offering the service.

A mere $1,200, the “Shape of an Angel” package gets you both the model and an additional mini that “could be a nice adornment to a mobile phone, he added.” In case you wanted to give all the other mothers something else to cluck disapprovingly over.

Starting in December, the company will offer a face-only version for half the price.

Somewhere in Mississippi, a pro-life activist just dashed to his computer to order a Replicator 2.