Kurt Vonnegut’s Daughter Nanette Was Never Married to Geraldo Rivera

This is NOT Nanette Vonnegut’s ex-husband.

Nanette Vonnegut, daughter of Slaughterhouse Five author Kurt, wrote a letter to Harper’s to correct a parenthetical assertion in the October “New Books” column that she was once married to mustachioed talk show host Geraldo Rivera. She was not, but her sister was.

“I HAVE NEVER, EVER REMOTELY BEEN MARRIED TO GERALDO RIVERA!” writes Ms. Vonnegut, who has been married to Scott Prior for 30 years.

However, it is easy to see the source of the confusion. Ms. Vonnegut’s sister Edith was once married to Mr. Rivera “for about one minute.” So it is easy to see how book reviewer Joshua Cohen could have gotten confused.

At any rate, Harper’s notes that Ms. Vonnegut is correct. She was never married to Mr. Rivera. It regrets the error.

Full letter below:


In his New Books column [October], Joshua Cohen stated that I was once married to Geraldo Rivera. I HAVE NEVER, EVER REMOTELY BEEN MARRIED TO GERALDO RIVERA! I have been married to the same man, Scott Prior, for thirty years. In the grand scheme of things, my sister Edith was married to Geraldo for about one minute. She warned me that this rumor about Geraldo and me was afloat and said, “Tag, you’re it!”

Nanette Vonnegut
Northampton, Mass.

Editors’ note:
Nanette Vonnegut is correct. We regret the error.