Los Carpinteros Will Stage Miami Basel Drinking Destination

Rendering of ‘Güiro’ (2011). (©Los Carpinteros/Sean Kelly Gallery)

Alcohol tends to flow like a mighty river at Art Basel Miami Beach, but sometimes a simple drink just won’t do. A discerning fairgoer wants something a bit off the beaten path, something unique, preferably with an extra dash of art.

Last year the irrepressible Erwin Wurm helped out on that front, offering up his “Drinking Sculptures” at the Bass Museum of Art, just blocks from the fair. This year, Havana–based collective Los Carpinteros will present Güiro (2011), an installation that they bill as a Gesamtkunstwerk. It will be located in South Beach, along the water, and will feature, yes, alcohol, but also books and objects selected by the artists, as well as events that are part of ABMB’s Conversations series. Absolut Art Bureau—the vodka brand’s art wing—is coorganizing the project.

From the project’s news release:

Los Carpinteros’s large-scale construction draws on the concept of an open-air art bar inspired by the güiro, the ubiquitous Cuban percussion instrument made from a dried hard-shell, tropical fruit, invented by the pre- Colombian Taíno inhabitants of Cuba. It is also the word used in Cuban slang to connote a party. Oval in shape, the slatted structure will be lit from within to emphasize its gridded design. Its rectangular openings will function as seating for visitors, while the center will be occupied by a round bar complete with Absolut cocktails.