Man Up: Macho Men Take Upper East Side Galleries—Too Much Testosterone?

'Bjarne Melgaard: A New Novel' at Luxembourg & Dayan, 'Where Is Jack Goldstein?' at Venus Over Manhattan, 'Richard Prince: White Paintings' at Skarstedt Gallery, 'Joe Bradley & Dan Colen: Epiphany' at Gavin Brown's Enterprise

THE UPPER EAST SIDE ART SCENE sure is getting wild. Long the preserve of the staid and genteel (old masters, modern masters and the like), the neighborhood has recently been seeing more adventurous fare. Three gallery shows that exemplify the trend—and a fourth farther uptown—are of work by artists who share elements of the same profile: the bad-boy avant-gardist with machismo to spare, rebelling against aesthetic conventions, social norms or both.
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