Booting Up: The Fail Whale is an Endangered Animal

failwhale Booting Up: The Fail Whale is an Endangered Animal

(Photo: Twitter)

All those frenzied election night tweets–peaking at 327,452 per minute–and not a fail whale in sight. It seems Twitter has finally slain the beast. (Now the company just has to figure out what it means to be a media company.) [All Things D]

But what can the tech sector expect from four more years of Barack Obama? More cyber weapons and more money for electronic medical records, for starters. [Gizmodo]

The company’s had a rough year, but Netflix still gets far more traffic than Amazon, Hulu or HBO Go. And the stench of Qwikster is even beginning to fade, too! [GigaOm]

Gartner predicts 1.2 billion “smart devices” will sell in 2013. That’s on top of an estimated 821 million this year. [TechCrunch]

Microsoft is building a new, $100 million tech center in Rio de Janeiro. Now that‘s the kind of business trip that plays well in recruiting pamphlets. [The Next Web]