Obama Campaign Deploys Cat Meme to Get Out the Vote in Ohio

The Obama campaign’s cat meme mailer.

The Obama campaign is using a mailer modeled after online cat memes as part of their final get out the vote push in the crucial battleground state of Ohio. On the mailer, there is a picture of a cat peeking out from behind a laptop decorated with Ohio-themed Obama campaign stickers highlighting the push to get people to vote early.

“STOP LOOKING AT CATS ONLINE AND GO VOTE,” text on the flyer says.

A user on the social news site Reddit with the handle MollyBloom11 posted a picture of the mailer on the site last night. They were clearly impressed with the campaign’s understanding of internet culture.

“The Obama campaign sent me this today…They know their audience,” MollyBloom11 wrote.

The Obama campaign confirmed the mailer was real and has been used in Ohio. They were not immediately sure whether similar imaging has been used for online ads or in other states.