On the Market: The New Don’t-Call-It-A-Trailer FEMA Trailer; Wetsbeth; Inside Foster’s NYPL

After the Storm:
President Obama surveys the damage in Queens and Staten Island. [NY Times]
The cost of Sandy becomes apparent across the regional economy. [Journal]
Dog brings food and water to stranded West Villagers during storm. [NY Times]
Westbeth, the artist commune, is all wet after Sandy. [ArchPaper]
Federal funds for rebuilding after Sandy are coming up short. [Journal]
Many Lower Manhattan apartments still remain closed. [NY Times]
“We need to be able to move on with our lives,” one downtown resident says. [BrickU]
Staten Islanders question if their new ferris wheel could stand up to a hurricane. [HuffPo]
FEMA roles out new temporary homes—much nicer than in NOLA, they say. [Journal]
People scrambling to get hands on castoff boardwalk wood. [NY Times]
Hurricane caveats are starting to show up on Craigslist. [Curbed]
Maybe the last building in Brooklyn that still doesn’t have the lights on. [Daily News]
Red Hook residents want to strike and march on NYCHA over power problems. [DNAinfo]
With rising seas, will waterfront property become a liability, not an amenity? [Atl Cities]

Life Goes On:
Paul Goldberger on Norman Foster’s transformation of the NYPL. [Vanity Fair]
Brokers fall in love with their coworkers and clients. [Real Deal]
A terrifying 1927 fire at the Sherry Netherland. [NY Times]
Awesome giant LEGO New York. [Animal]
You must be kidding: Craigslist ad offers $400/month rentals… for a couch. [Curbed]
Somebody bought a lovely Slope frame house for $795K to tear it down. [Brownstoner]
Boerum Hill is so popular, they need speed bumps to slow down all the traffic. [Journal]
Angst in Europe has been a boon for New York retail leasing. [Real Deal]
The 10 most expensive rentals on the market right now. [Curbed]
Can you find a one-bedroom with a fireplace for less than $600K? [NY Times]
A Park Slope eyesore has finally been fixed up and is for sale for $4 M. [Brownstoner]
There are more waterfront condos for sale in Manhattan. [Real Deal]
Why do cities lean Democratic? [Atl Cities]
San Francisco could care less about Starchitects. [NY Times]