On the Market: Wonder Wheel Keeps Spinning; Solar Power, Post-Sandy?; Occupy Blankfein

After the Storm:
The MTA will not be refunding Metrocards wasted during Sandy. [Daily News]
Wait, maybe they will! [NY Post]
Some hurricane volunteers have wound up in luxury accommodations. [Journal]
Cooking-oil burning bus is a savior during Sandy. [BK Paper]
Finance firms are not abandoning downtown, hurricanes be damned. [NY Times]
Meanwhile, other companies, especially in tech, scramble for temporary space. [Journal]
Sunset Park  co-operators install solar power to prepare for the next blackout. [Daily News]
The Wonder Wheel miraculously survived the storm. [BK Paper]
Sandy will cost the public hospitals some $300 M. [Crain’s]
Watch these workers strip down a Breezy Point house. [Daily News]

Life Goes On:
Occupy camps out in front of Trump International, real target is 15 CPW, Blankfein. [Real Deal]
The Chelsea Market deal has officially been approved. [Crain’s]
Fired doorman of Queens condo complains of racism. [Daily News]
The more diverse a neighborhood, the better the price appreciation. [Real Deal]
The 10 most beautiful rentals on AirBnB. [Curbed]
Just what New York needs, another Men’s Wearhouse. [Crain’s]
Sale of the Bossert Hotel in the Heights closes for $81 M. [Real Deal]
Joe Sitt buys a Meatpacking building, home to Scoop, for $100 M. [NY Post]
Inside the Williamsburg Houses, Brooklyn’s first projects. [Brownstoner]
Want an affordable Fifth Avenue spread? Try this $5 M. foreclosure. [Curbed]
The north Bronx gets a hip bar. [Journal]
Ten outrageous celebrity rentals. [Curbed]
Blech! Chipotle coming to Court Street. [Brownstoner]