On Twitter, A Meme Captures The New York Times Headline Format

Twitter has finally captured The New York Times‘ signature headline comma usage. Using the hashtag “#nytbooks,” observant readers are rewriting book titles so that they reflect the paper of record’s style.

Some of our favorites include “Of Mice, Men,” “In the Rye, A Catcher,” “Among Two Cities, A Tale” and “Among Grey Paint Makers, A Clamor To Produce 50 Shades.” Maybe we have been homebound for too long, but we are finding this a very enjoyable diversion indeed. 

But just how well does this reflect Times style? Let’s talk a look at today’s paper. Three headlines on the top of the homepage first caught our eye: “Professionals in China, Wary of Future, Seek Other Shores,””In Dwindling Days of the Race, Romney Takes a Softer Tack,“”At A Syrian Refugee Camp, Market Rises, Perfume and All.” Looks like it checks out.

We have long noticed the Times‘ tendency to write Yoda-like headlines. But we didn’t know it was a thing. But that’s the power of the Internet: realizing that we are not alone and turning observations into memes.

On Twitter, A Meme Captures <em>The New York Times</em> Headline Format