We’ve Reached the Law Part of the Paul Ceglia Law & Order Episode

The case is now headed for trial.

paul ceglia Weve Reached the Law Part of the Paul Ceglia Law & Order Episode

Mr. Ceglia. (facebook.com)

Paul Ceglia, the penny-ante hustler who once attempted to convince the world he was part owner of Facebook, has been indicted on counts of wire and mail fraud. Bloomberg reports that, after hearing the charges and evidence against Mr. Ceglia, a grand jury has deemed the U.S. attorney’s case strong enough to go to trial.

Things aren’t looking too good for Mr. Ceglia, who stands accused of faking both a contract with the wunderkind coder and emails to support his case. Turns out the federal government will not abide by (allegedly!) bullshit lawsuits (allegedly!) meant to wrest billion-dollar companies from their owners.

Nor has the man’s luck exactly taken a turn for the better since his arrest. His lawyer wants to withdraw from the case for “personal reasons,” and he might end up on the hook for Facebook’s legal fees.

The indictment means that, unless Mr. Ceglia strikes some sort of a plea bargain, this case will go to trial. Presumably that means Zuck–a key figure in this drama–will have to testify. Presumably such an occasion is on the brief list of circumstances in which Zuck puts on a suit.