Perfidious Pedicabs! City Council Cracks Down on Pedal-powered Taxis

Council to pedicabs: fall in line!

The city council is working to bring a shred of consistency to the wild west of pedicab taxis with new (likely-to-pass) legislation that would mandate fixed rates based on time.  The tricycled menace, whose customer hailing bike ring is a fixture in the city’s nightspots and tourist traps, has been known to sometimes push the limits of commercial decency.

One of the most famous incidents happened this August, when pedicab operator Savas Avci charged a Texas family $442.54 for a twelve minute ride from Times Square.  A ride that otherwise would have cost by usual yellow cab somewhere in the range of $8-$10. What he did at the time, by pointing out hidden fees and only explaining the per person charge after the ride was, incredible as it sounds, perfectly legal. 278873