Proposal in Florida Would Make Art History and Other Humanities Majors Pay Higher Tuition

Florida, ‘America’s Wang.’

The Atlantic has a pretty bleak story about a proposal in Florida that would make students pay different tuition fees, depending on their area of study and how in-demand it is with employers after graduating. The logic behind this is that “the public deserves the best possible return from its investment in education. That means spending more generously on the students who are most likely to help grow Florida’s economy once they graduate”:

Down in Florida, a task force commissioned by Governor Rick Scott is putting the finishing touches on a proposal that would allow the state’s public universities to start charging undergraduates different tuition rates depending on their major. Students would get discounts for studying topics thought to be in high demand among Florida employers. Those would likely include science, technology, engineering, and math (aka, the STEM fields), among others.

But Art History? Gender Studies? Classics? Sorry, but the fates are cruel. Unless a university could show that local companies were clamoring to hire humanities students, those undergrads would have to pay more for their diploma.

Sigh. Because everyone in the world really should just go and be a computer programmer or investment banker and there’s no value whatsoever in learning how to become skilled in cultural research or writing because nobody really wants to go to college to do that stuff anyway since money is the only thing that matters because how else are we going to make generalizations about success in this country and what you study in college always ends up dictating how you spend the rest of your life, but you’ve really just been humoring yourself all along with this whole “I write literary criticism” thing since all you’re doing is writing glorified book reports and contributing members of society gave up on doing that in the fourth grade so just go and find a job where you crunch numbers for $80,000 a year until you die and hope that when that happens you’re not all alone in a nursing home somewhere in Florida.

Also, just a reminder that there’s an election today, and candidate Romney’s former partner at Bain “Bane of My Existence” Capital, Edward Conard, really hates art history majors.

Proposal in Florida Would Make Art History and Other Humanities Majors Pay Higher Tuition