Resale of Forged Artwork Is a Bustling Market

An allegedly fake Jackson Pollock, ‘Untitled,’ 1949/1950. (Courtesy The New York Times)

Well, here’s a bit of a bummer about the sale of forged art works, courtesy of Patricia Cohen in the New York Times:

“The resale of fakes is a persistent and growing problem without a good solution, say collectors, dealers, artist estates and law enforcement agencies. Although the Federal Bureau of Investigation can seize forgeries in criminal cases, these represent only a tiny portion of the counterfeit art that is circulating.

‘They churn through the market,’ James Wynne, an F.B.I. special agent who handles art forgery cases, said of fakes.

There are no clear rules for what happens to phony art after it is identified. ‘It all depends what the facts are, what the art is, how many works are involved and how expensive they are,’ he said.”

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