Romney T-Shirts May Head South of the Equator

mitt romney light tshirt Romney T Shirts May Head South of the EquatorNext year, there may be a small town in Paraguay whose citizens endorse Mitt Romney for President. Or, at the very least, they’ll be wearing someone else’s politics on their sleeves.

Bloomberg Businessweek┬áreports that Mitt Romney merchandise was difficult for retailers to sell before the election–and, presumably, would be practically impossible to sell now; T-shirts generally ┬ádo not appreciate in value. Merchandise recyclers either effectively pulp the shirts for their fibers or re-sell them at cut rates overseas, as they would, too, with T-shirts indicating that the New England Patriots were the 2012 Super Bowl Champions.

A possible sign for 2016 or for T-shirt collectors looking for something that might appreciate in value: one T-shirt marketer noted that Paul Ryan t-shirts sold very well.

And on eBay, a “Nobama” t-shirt has a suggested starting bid of $12.99 and a “Mitt Romney: True Strength for America’s Future” shirt a base of $9.99–and as this is written, no one has bid on either.