Romney T-Shirts May Head South of the Equator

Next year, there may be a small town in Paraguay whose citizens endorse Mitt Romney for President. Or, at the very least, they’ll be wearing someone else’s politics on their sleeves.

Bloomberg Businessweek reports that Mitt Romney merchandise was difficult for retailers to sell before the election–and, presumably, would be practically impossible to sell now; T-shirts generally  do not appreciate in value. Merchandise recyclers either effectively pulp the shirts for their fibers or re-sell them at cut rates overseas, as they would, too, with T-shirts indicating that the New England Patriots were the 2012 Super Bowl Champions.

A possible sign for 2016 or for T-shirt collectors looking for something that might appreciate in value: one T-shirt marketer noted that Paul Ryan t-shirts sold very well.

And on eBay, a “Nobama” t-shirt has a suggested starting bid of $12.99 and a “Mitt Romney: True Strength for America’s Future” shirt a base of $9.99–and as this is written, no one has bid on either.