Staten Island Indie Producer: ‘It’s Been a Nightmare’

Steve Stanulis

Steve Stanulis was about ready to wrap production on his independent feature Long Shot Louie; the last day of shooting was set for last Monday.

His final scenes were set to be filmed on the boardwalk at Staten Island’s Midland Beach.

Since then, with the beach essentially underwater, Mr. Stanulis, the executive producer and co-star, has been in contact with his financiers: “It ain’t our fault–it’s an act of God. But the people who put up the money don’t want to hear that, though.”

With the filming delayed, Mr. Stanulis has put to work his experience as a former police officer (he’s known for his Off-Broadway production about his time as a cop-by-day, exotic-dancer-by-night) and Staten Island native. “I’m helping people pump out water, and I always stock up on water, so I’ve been giving out Poland Springs. We’re doing our best with what we have.”

He described his now-“way over budget” film as “about a male stripper, but the only similarity between that and Magic Mike is the male stripper. It’s more The Wrestler meets Boogie Nights.” And he’s confident, though, that the film will be finished: “It’ll totally come to pass. The only question that’s not known is the location–but I’m pulling for Staten Island.”

Staten Island Indie Producer: ‘It’s Been a Nightmare’