Steve Kandell Goes to BuzzFeed to Edit Longform

Steve Kandell is going to BuzzFeed to become the editor of the website’s new foray into longform, narrative journalism. Mr. Kandell was the Editor-in-Chief at SPIN during the magazine’s redesign and has worked as a freelance editor at Details.

“Even though print itself is becoming less prevalent, the conversation-provoking longform journalism and profiles that have long been a staple of magazines are as vital as they’ve ever been, and I’m thrilled to help make this kind of writing a working part of the social web at BuzzFeed,” said Mr. Kandell.

This is the latest, most official move in BuzzFeed’s push into longform. The website once  known for animal pictures posted “an exclusive and wide-ranging interview” with Oliver Stone last night and BuzzFeed executive editor Doree Shafrir wrote a first-person account of night terrors in September.

“The social web has created an opportunity for an exciting revival of longform and Steve is perfectly positioned to pioneer the social future of narrative journalism at BuzzFeed,” Ms. Shafrir said in an announcement about the hire. “Steve’s deep experience in magazine writing and editing really make him the ideal candidate to craft longform narratives that inspire conversation and sharing.”