The Daily Spoofs Hurricane Sandy

When is it appropriate to rewrite the lyrics to a Journey song, put them over footage of Hurricane Sandy devastation, add a clip from Grease and have a few laughs? Probably never.

The Daily, Rupert Murdoch’s iPad newspaper, tried to lighten the mood by changing the lyrics to “Don’t Stop Believing” so that they reflect the realities of the past week–post-Hurricane, pre-election. But it seems just a wee bit insensitive when people are still trapped without power, the death toll is rising, homes and towns are wrecked, there is a gasoline shortage, whole swaths of the city are basically cut off from each other and the recovery is still just getting underway almost a full week later.

And, on top of it all, we now have journey stuck in our head. Perhaps indefinitely. But of course, we aren’t complaining! We are in the middle of a national disaster.