To Do Wednesday: Pi Eyed

It’s a slow week, as far as socializing goes—after all, everyone will be spending the holiday, whether in town or a stressful Delta flight away, chowing down on turkey and then in a three-day tryptophan-induced coma. To assuage our loneliness, we’re seeing a new flick (a head start on the manic pre-Oscar-ceremony sprint). Today, Ang Lee’s Life of Pi adaptation opens—the highbrow meeting of a beloved director (we’re still teary over the ending of his Brokeback Mountain) and an acclaimed novel. But it likely won’t be as dull as your typical prestige pic—it’s all about a boy and tiger trapped on a raft together after a shipwreck. Sort of like Titanic, if Leo had survived, and gotten into a lifeboat with a tiger.

Life of Pi opens tomorrow.