Vicarious Vertigo: Up Close and Personal with the Collapsed One57 Crane

The One57 crane.

It’s a time-honored tradition for men doing ballsy, ridiculous and risky things to photograph their exploits.  Thankfully the steel workers over at One57 are no exception. They recently yielded to this impulse, taking a series of shots of their work  securing the now- famous crane destroyed during Hurricane Sandy.  The removal of which is, according to Curbed, slated to begin the week of December 3rd.  It’s a difficult job. A new crane has to be built to lower the old one down to the ground and there are legal actions to be settled, of course. But in the meantime we can all look at these pictures the workers took and feel relief that’s it’s not us out there.

Our palms are sweating.

Of course, if you want a closer glimpse of a collapsed crane, you could always mosey on over to 438 W. 38th St. in Hells Kitchen, where a mobile crane collapsed today while trying to lift industrial air conditioning units onto a buildings roof.  Nothing was hurt excepting, we assume, the crane operator’s pride.