3D Printed Gun Fires 6 Shots Then Falls the F*ck Apart

Look out!!!

We hate it when that happens. (Photo: screencap)

We hate it when that happens. (Photo: screencap)

Defense Distributed, the group that wants to create an entire Wiki of blueprints for 3D printed guns, tested out one of its new models this weekend. And it turns out that as of right now, it ain’t worth a damn, son. Wired reports that the AR-15 rifle (which was only partially 3D printed) got off a mere 6 shots before the back popped right off, hitting the ground with a sad ping.

Yeah, that’s not something we’d want to rely on in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Not to mention that in even the best of circumstances, you don’t really want spare parts flying off your rifle.

The creators, however, are playing off the disappointing results, pointing out that this was just a test:

“We knew it would break, probably,” says Cody Wilson, who heads the Wiki Weapon project. “But I don’t think we thought it’d break within six [rounds]. We thought it’d break within 20.”

Recoil is the likely culprit, and they’ve already got a few ideas for possible solutions. In the meantime, watch one of the Defense Distributed guys looking rather rueful as his piece disintegrates: