4chan Successfully Votes Kim Jong Un to Top of Time’s Person of the Year List

Don't forget to rig the vote.


A 4chan member posted a script for automated voting.

That didn’t take long: A week after Time opened an annual online poll allowing readers to vote their choice for the magazine’s Person of the Year, 4chan has succeeded in pushing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the top of the list. By a long shot.

After a 4chan user posted a script to automate the voting process, according to the Daily Dot, Mr. Kim surged to 2.99 million votes, far outpacing Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi, who’s in second place with more than 389,000 votes.

While the magazine’s editors reserve the right to name the magazine’s Person of the Year themselves, virtually guaranteeing that the North Korean dictator won’t grace the newsweekly’s POY cover, Time lets internet voters anoint the year’s “Most Influential Person”—an honor that 4chan voters brought home for co-founder Chris Poole in 2009.

Given the current standings, Mr. Kim looks like a lock to follow in Mr. Poole’s footsteps when polling closes on December 12.