A Senate Coalition

According to The New York Post’s Fred Dicker, Republicans in the State Senate are considering a secret plan to retain their control of the chamber without cutting a deal with a caucus of four independent Democrats. The plan, according to Mr. Dicker, would require Republicans to hold off seating two new Democrats whose razor-thin victories still are undergoing challenges in the court. If that process can be prolonged, Republicans will be able to muster 31 votes—one more than the Democratic caucus without the two new Democrats—and re-elect Dean Skelos of Long Island as majority leader.

The plan would basically cut out the four independent Democrats who have indicated their support for the Republicans. According to Mr. Dicker’s report, the GOP believes that by the time the two new Democrats are seated—giving Democrats a majority—it will be too late to overthrow Mr. Skelos.

All of this sounds like Albany politics as usual. Instead of scheming, the Republicans should welcome the support of independent Democrats—and point out to voters that they are more than happy to cross party lines to get the state back on track.

Republicans have a chance to make a point about bipartisanship. They should take advantage.