Alec Baldwin Just Living Out Absurd 30 Rock Plotlines Now

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s 30 Rock character, Jack Donaghy, was revealed in a 2010 episode to have recorded every word of the English language onto a university linguistics department website in order to preserve American diction for future generations.

And, though he hasn’t yet been named a General Electric executive, Mr. Baldwin’s putting the show’s surrealist plots into action.

The actor recorded an online audio version of author John de Cuevas’s self-published book Eye Rhymes alongside fellow plummy speaker Blythe Danner; the purpose of the book is to document a series of words that look like rhymes but are not actually (and vice versa). In very clear diction, Mr. Baldwin reads, “Do come here. / Don’t go there. / As you were. / Mind your pére.”

Why would he bother? Well, once Mr. Baldwin’s Hamptons summers end, things presumably slow down a bit. And it was a chance to meet up with a fellow NBC sitcom star of notoriously crisp vocal patterns (Ms. Danner played Will’s patrician mom on Will & Grace, though her ability to read words aloud well was never actually the point of a plotline.)

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