Anthony Weiner's Writing Partner Doubts Sandy Op-Ed Is Part of a Political Resurrection

Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)

Anthony Weiner (Photo: Getty)

Former Congressman Anthony Weiner has kept a relatively low profile in the year-and-change since a scandal over lewd Twitter messages led to his resignation, but last week, he took to the pages of the New York Daily News to write an op-ed with Congressman Gregory Meeks highlighting the post-Sandy needs of the Rockaways. Mr. Weiner’s editorial struck many observers as a “step back onto the political stage,” but Mr. Meeks told Politicker he doesn’t think a return to the public eye was part of his ex-colleague’s motivations for writing the editorial.

Mr. Meeks, who represents part of the Rockaways said the editorial was his idea. Mr. Weiner got in touch with Mr. Meeks asking how he could help in the area, which is part of his old district and was especially hard-hit by the hurricane, and has been working on the recovery effort there for “weeks and weeks” including volunteering on the ground.

“We’ve been working together and never one time was it a move, from my viewpoint, to get back in the public life,” Mr. Meeks said. “Not one scintilla of it was that. It was all about trying to help folks, many of whom he had grown to know and like as their representative.”

Along with the editorial, which focused on needs in the Rockaways that were highlighted by Sandy; ferry service, hospital facilities and storm prevention measures, Mr. Weiner returned to Twitter for the first time since the scandal last month to promote the relief effort.

Though Mr. Meeks doesn’t think these Sandy-related activities are a toe in the political waters, he said  he thinks Mr. Weiner “has things to offer” if he is interested in returning to public service. Mr. Weiner also still has, as of the most recent filings, $4.8 million in his campaign war chest.