Are These the Top Saturday Night Live Skits of the Year? (Video)

Big Bird: Best SNL sketch of the year? (NBC)Saturday Night Live Skits of the Year? (Video)" />

Big Bird: Best SNL sketch of the year? (NBC)

The Huffington Post just put out a compilation of its top 15 Saturday Night Live videos of the year. Unsurprisingly, Stefon made the cut, as well as The Californians, and a lot of newcomer Kate McKinnon, who in less than a season has proved herself more than able to fill Kristin Wiig’s psychotically sized shoes. And then, yes the Romney and Obama sketch … but some of these other ones? Well, take a look for yourself.

So we have Drunk Uncle, whom we love, Wiig’s departure dance, and Louis C.K.’s Lincoln, which all deserve a place. But the Big Bird segment of Weekend Update and the 100th Lonely Island are far from being the best in their respective classes. Jay-Z and Beyoncé was kind of funny, but mostly for Armisen’s impression of Prince. The Legend of Mokiki was just weird (though we kind of loved it, most of our friends hated it), and the return of Bronx Beats was one Amy Poehler sketch we could have lived without.

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