The Latest Victim of Instagram Rage: Poor Beast Zuckerberg


SO unfair to poor Beast, who is just doing his doggie best to herd that animal.

SO unfair to poor Beast, who is just doing his doggie best to herd that animal.

Mark Zuckerberg’s adorable moppet of a puppy is all grown up and herding sheep these days, it seems. But even his charming resemblance to a dirty mop can’t keep him safe from the Instagram backlash.

Three days ago, Facebook founder posted an Instagram image of his canine companion chasing a barnyard animal. The first comments were limited to Beast’s cuteness. But when TOSgate erupted, the photo of the magnificently filthy monster was flooded with comments from infuriated Instagram users, venting their rage at the man they consider directly responsible for Instagram’s new terms of service.

What is Kevin Systrom, chopped liver?

Lots of users went with straightforward whines like “Ig is ruined” and “Fuck you for ruining instagram” and our personal favorite: “Fuck you Mark Zuckerberg just fuck you thats why.”

But others really went out of their way to emote all over Zuck’s snapshot. Wrote @kankawaii:

This is pathetic. You can’t own someone else’s art. I didn’t sign my rights over. Ever since you bought instagram it’s gone down hill FAST.

Here’s a real gem of hyperbole from @christi_anne: “Fuck you, you’re going to ruin the internet age you bastard.”

Others, like @lisab82, opted for outright histrionics:

The photos posted in my feed are more than quick snapshots from my iPhone. They’re my life. Each represents a special memory or a personal emotion. Sharing these pieces of myself is my choice, and following others is my privilege.

It breaks my heart to scroll through my feed and learn of every artist and friend leaving @instagram. Please reconsider exploiting those to whom you have meant so much.

But there’s one comment in particular, from an @elliaisaacs, that exposes every enraged response as a bunch of sound and fury, signifying nada: “Just read you might be pushing video ads to fb as well I swear to god if that happens I’m fucking going back to myspace.”

Sure you are, pal. Sure you are.