Bill Thompson Blames Unfair Media Coverage for the Perception He's Boring

Bill Thompson explaining how energetic he is. (Photo: YouTube)

Bill Thompson explaining how energetic he is. (Photo: YouTube)

In a new interview with Yosef Rapaport of the Orthodox Jewish news site Vos Iz Neias, mayoral candidate Bill Thompson answered the question that has dogged him throughout his campaign–whether he lacks the enthusiasm necessary to win among a crowded field of rivals. Mr. Thompson argued he ran “an energetic campaign” when he came in just behind Mayor Michael Bloomberg in 2009 and the perception he’s not fired up came from unfair press coverage rather than any lack of enthusiasm on his part. To prove his point, Mr. Thompson pointed out one event he attended where his “energy level” was “very high.”

“I’ll give you an example, I was in Downtown Brooklyn at an event in the campaign in 2009, there were press people there. The mayor had been there before and gotten a very lukewarm response, I showed up the crowd…was incredibly enthusiastic,” Mr. Thompson said in his typically methodical manner. “Both the crowd and my energy level, very high. I didn’t get to read about that or see that anywhere….You never read about it.”

Mr. Thompson went on to say he believes “fairer coverage” will be the one key difference between this year’s race and his previous mayoral bid. He blamed the bias he believes he faced in 2009 on the press believing “Mayor Bloomberg can’t lose” and, as a result, “ignoring what was in front of them.” Based on his close finish four years ago and the lack of a powerhouse incumbent running against him, Mr. Thompson believes media coverage of his mayoral bid will be less tilted against him this time around.

“Truth is, I ran an energetic campaign. It just wasn’t an anti-Bloomberg vote, there were a lot of pro-Thompson  votes out there,” he said. “I think we’re going to see a bit fairer coverage this time. I want to be and I’m working hard to be the next mayor of the City of New York. I’m going to be out there, people are going get to see me and see an energetic, aggressive campaign.”

Watch the full interview below, Mr. Thompson describes his energy at about the 30:00 mark.