Booting Up: When Zuckerbergs Confront Breach of Facebook Privacy



Were your plans to hunker down with loved ones and stream movies on Christmas Eve stymied by a Netflix outage? Blame Amazon, Netflix says. [NYDN]

Everyone has a Facebook privacy issue sometimes. Even the Zuckerbergs. [BuzzFeed]

New York City is launching a pilot program for taxi-hailing smartphone apps next year. European e-hailing company Hailo is raising a $30 million Series B to gear up for the trial. [AllThingsD]

Investment in venture capital-backed companies was down 32 percent in the third quarter of 2012 from the year before period. [WSJ]

Iran said it thwarted cyber-attacks against a power plant and other industrial targets in recent months. The report suggested that the attacks originated in the U.S. and Israel. [NYT]

These people posted photos of themselves showing off the assault rifles they got for Christmas. [Atlantic Wire]