Johnny Depp to Star as a Supercomputer in Christopher Nolan Film About the Singularity


(Photo: Bombed in Outerspace)

(Photo: Bombed in Outerspace)

Okay, folks: this is not a drill. The Singularity is set to hit the silver screen, with Batman director Christopher Nolan signed on to executive produce.

The Wrap reports that in the film, titled Transcendence and based on a story by Jack Paglen, Johnny Depp “will play a scientist whose brain is uploaded into a supercomputer” while trying to create the first ever sentient computer. Nanotechnology and the Singularity are also said to play pivotal roles in the film, which explains the nerd boner you are currently sporting.

Johnny Depp may seem like a strange casting choice, but given his penchant for bizarre roles, we imagine he’ll play a mad scientist quite convincingly. He’ll be playing the main character, Will, who is assassinated by terrorists who are against technology. When his wife uploads his brain, Will begins to respond to her queries through the computer. By hooking his brain-cum-computer up to the Internet, he can continue his scientific research.

The Wrap warns that the script summary it received could be out of date, but honestly as long as the film includes brain supercomputers and Christopher Nolan, we’ll be just fine. Now if we can get Ray Kurzweil as an advisor to this thing, it’s sure to be an instant masterpiece.