Booting Up: The FTC Isn’t Telling Us Its Decision on Google and Antitrust Just Yet



The FTC reportedly won’t announce its decision regarding its antitrust investigation until 2013, rather than this week as was originally planned. Hey, might as well not ruin anyone’s holiday over this. [Bloomberg]

If you read this, you’ll never rent a computer for anything ever again. [Ars Technica]

Prominent techies like Fred Wilson are backing Bloomberg’s demand for a gun safety plan. [A VC]

The U.K. now has a special crime unit focused wholly on copyright violators, which means this classic IT Crowd episode is actually coming true. [The Verge]

IBM is pretty sure computers will have “touch, taste, sight, sound and smell” within five years. In related news, IBM is about to learn you can’t teach good taste. [Washington Post]