Fear Not, Four-Eyed Friends! Google Glass Appears to Now Support Prescription Lenses

Project Glass for all.

(Photo: Road to VR)

(Photo: Road to VR)

A friend of Betabeat’s recently tried on Project Glass, Google’s hotly anticipated alternate reality glasses product, but was dismayed to find that because he had to take of his glasses in order to use the prototype, it was difficult to see when actually using it.

Special versions, we reasoned, would have to be constructed in order to appease our four-eyed friends: either prototypes that can be placed overtop a user’s glasses, or ones that can incorporate prescription lenses.

A snap posted to the Road to Virtual Reality blog appears to have our answer: the photo, taken of a man in NYC donning a pair of Google Glasses, shows that the unit has prescription lenses, meaning that us four eyes won’t be left out of the augmented reality trend. Hurrah!

Now the Google X team just needs to come up with a prototype that doesn’t look like a nerd attacked your face.