Forget Netflix: Here Was Your Year in Movie Trailers (Video)

Ben Affleck, in one of the year's non-sucky films

Ben Affleck, in one of the year’s non-sucky films.

Was 2012 a good year for films? Probably not the greatest, if box office returns and our own Rex Reed are any indication. But maybe it wasn’t the worst? We had Beasts of the Southern Wild, Argo, Cabin in the Woods, Django Unchained (well, it comes out December 25), The Amazing Spider-Man, a new Batman movie, the movie with all the other superheroes in it, a new James Bond movie, a new Paranormal Activity movie, the first Hunger Games movie, the last Twilight movie, Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, Cloud Atlas, Moonrise Kingdom, Les Mis, Life of Pi, Wreck it Ralph … and a bunch more. We can confidentially say that each film was great. Or really terrible. Or we didn’t see it.

At least, enough to make six minutes of a YouTube montage, which is actually pretty long for a supercut video, but the disingenuously named “The Sleepy Skunk” managed to mash all of the above features, as well as many others, into his 2012 movie trailer mashup. Enjoy?