Free Flu Shots on Larry: Google CEO Covers Vaccines for San Fran Kids

Noblesse oblige!

Get your sniffles away from me, kiddo. (Photo:

Get your sniffles away from me, kiddo. (Photo:

We’re currently barreling toward flu season, much to the dismay of everyone who commutes via public transportation. And it seems a couple years watching the seasonal illness wax and wane on Google’s flu trends map has made an impact on CEO Larry Page: The Mercury News reports that until the end of the month, his family foundation will be covering the cost of flu vaccines for kids at Targets across the Bay Area. 

He made the announcement on Google Plus. “Don’t worry, I’m not actually administering the shots :),” he cracked. You just did something admirable, Larry; don’t get creepy now.

Of course, as the buzzkill brigade over at Hacker News points out, this is also a pretty savvy business move, since children, God bless them, are basically walking disease incubators. And generally speaking, the more people get vaccinated, the tougher it is for a serious outbreak to get a foothold.

Thus ends your tangential reminder that honestly, you probably ought to get a flu shot.