Google Analytics Shoots Self in Search Engine-Optimized Foot With New Adverts [Video]

Great Googledy-boogledy! (Youtube)

Great Googledy-boogledy! (Youtube)

Google Analytics has done a fine job creating a series of humorous television spots–apparently targeted at British businesses–that shows what a Google Search would look like in real life. That is, if real life was a supermarket full of David Brent-type incompetents and a bureaucracy reminiscent of the one from Brazil.

Buzzfeed’s Copyranter found the ads a little too sweet and sour for his taste:

The campaign by Google Analytics targeting businesses takes online interactions out into the real world via comical sketches. It’s a creative idea, but it hits a wrong note for me simply because Google’s own Search function is so inaccurate and frustrating as hell to use.

The response to Copyranter’s issues are seemingly in the name of the series itself, “Google Analytics in Real Life.” As in: “This is an example of how frustrating it is to use Google’s own search engine.”

Surely that was not the intention of these ads, as the text at the end reads “Shopping online should be easy. Discover what your customers are looking for” before fading into a logo for Google Analytics, but the jumbled message of the spots is an apt enough metaphor for the confusing mess of Google Analytics. How meta!