Booting Up: Okay Can We Stop Talking About Maps Now?

Whoops. (Photo: The Amazing iOS 6 Maps)

Say goodbye to the best-ever excuse for lateness. (Photo: The Amazing iOS 6 Maps)

John McAfee is back in the U.S. Where he goes now is anyone’s guess. The Vice offices, maybe? [Washington Post]

Google Maps is available once more on the iPhone, so please adjust your excuses for lateness accordingly. [Google]

Also, before you download the app, please take a moment to enjoy this video of Apple Maps getting Bilbo Baggins lost in L.A. [Daily Motion]

Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates will now be helping advise Khosla Ventures’ portfolio companies on government affairs. [TechCrunch]

NBD, North Korea’s new satellite is just careening around space right now. [Gizmodo]

Rural England is now getting government-subsidized broadband, a tidbit you can trot out next time your ISP disappoints you in any way. [BBC]