How Is THIS the Ugliest Sweater in All of New York?

John Friia in the ugliest sweater in New York. (Cataldi PR)

We’ve seen some ugly sweaters in our time. We’ve also seen some ugly sweaters on the Internet, specifically on the Tumblr dedicated to ugly sweaters. There are some very heinous wool knits in this world, and we just can’t pretend they don’t exist just because they aren’t pretty.

So when The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership held a contest this afternoon to find the “ugliest holiday sweater in New York,” we were like, “Finally, some awareness brought to this issue!”

Except that New Yorkers are horrible at finding clothes that are unflattering, apparently, because take a look at this year’s winner:

Ugly Sweater

What’s sad is that yours is not even the ugliest sweater on stage! We have to give it to the guy laughing off to the left…you know, this guy:
Ugly Sweater 088

Now that is an ugly sweater!