Instagramming Your Resume is as Useless As It Sounds

Don't copy this guy, please.

(Photo: Instagram)

(Photo: Instagram)

David Mas, a graphic designer based in Crevillente, Spain, was just looking for a creative way to stand out in his crowded field. So he turned to the land of sepia filters and brunch photos for help, natch.

Mr. Mas created an Instagram account@esto_es_un_curriculum, to showcase his skills and past projects. Uninterestingly enough, no borders or filters have been applied to any of the 38 uploads, but none of them have been tagged with #nofilter. It’s a total rookie move.

Cool for this guy, but please this cannot become a thing. Make your resume’s short and tight. No attachments either. What is this, amateur hour?

If you’re interested in creating your own resume, Mr. Mas has created a tutorial video that has left us scratching our heads:

Mi Instagram Vitae from David Mas on Vimeo.

Why not just make another Instagram account to explain how you made the first one?