A Mere Quarter of Americans Want Internet Gambling Legalized

Half of 'em want sports betting, though.

You know what happens to Joe Pesci at the end, right? (Photo: Wikipedia)

You know what happens to Joe Pesci at the end, right? (Photo: Wikipedia)

Bad news for anyone looking to launch a real-money gaming startup: The AP reports that in a recent poll, half of respondents said they wanted sports gambling legalized–but a whopping three quarters thought Internet gambling specifically ought to remain off-limits.

Guess everyone just wants to stake their paycheck on how Eli Manning feels this weekend?

The AP says opposition is even fairly bipartisan:

“The poll also found that political affiliation made little difference in attitudes toward Internet gambling; 27 percent of Democrats and 26 percent of Republicans supported it, while 59 percent of Democrats and 63 percent of Republicans opposed it. Independents had roughly the same levels of support, as well.”

Finally, something America can agree on. The poll, which measures national sentiment, comes on the heels of New Jersey state legislature Internet betting bill. It’s not clear whether Gov. Chris Christie will approve it, though.

The company likeliest to be disappointed by this is Zynga, which is gearing up to offer real-money gaming in the U.K. and would sure love another way to separate Americans from their dollars.

Then again, the U.S. Congress is all too often an enigma wrapped in a riddle shrouded in mystery, so who knows what they’ll do. Let’s not even talk about state legislatures.