Is New York’s Sexiest Building Too Sexy for Its Own Good?

The board is all

Is someone showing a little too much leg?

The condo board of the Atelier at 635 West 42nd Street is all hot and bothered. The board claims that strip club kingpin Robert Gans is using his unit for business purposes. Sexy business.

The New York Post reports that the board has filed suit against Mr. Gans, whom they allege is operating an escort service out of his apartment. An escort service is apparently a little too sexy for New York’s sexiest building.

Showing off one’s assets—a glass and steel exterior, white-on-white finishes and river views—is one thing, after all, and spending the night together is another. Although, let’s be honest here: the building is bringing a lot of people home. Especially with its “provocative and airy” spaces.

In its suit, the board claims that more than romantic conversations and bottles of wine were being shared inside Mr. Gans’s apartment, which is currently being occupied by his “friend” Paula Echervi.

Neighbors got suspicious because Ms. Echervi identified herself as Mr. Gans’s girlfriend, but he’s married to someone else. Which means … nothing at all. Sometimes married people hang out with sexy people whom they’re not married to.

Mr. Gans, who owns a sprawling strip club in Hell’s Kitchen, is said to have purchased the unit as Swingtime LLC. (Did the board think that they were getting a Benny Goodman aficionado?) Best of all: his club is called the Penthouse Executive Club.

If he can bring a little real estate savoir faire into his strip club, why not bring a little strip club savoir faire into his real estate?

What makes the board so sure Ms. Echervi is running an escort service? Ms. Echervi apparently has male guests. At all hours of the night. On nights and weekends. Doesn’t it make you yearn for those female boarding houses of yore? When housemothers saw to it that their buildings remained bastions of modesty and decorum by not allowing men above the ground floor?

Maybe the Atelier should institute a similar policy, but who could remain chaste when confronted with seductive amenities like a sky-lit indoor pool, a 12,000-square-foot health club and a rooftop lounge and terraces? And for those who like a little romance, there’s a “walk to the river to watch the sunset,” according to one of the building’s listings.

And brokers thought the name Hell’s Kitchen was bad. Soon they’ll be calling it Gomorrah.

Is New York’s Sexiest Building Too Sexy for Its Own Good?