Is This Website for Instagramming the Mayan Apocalypse the Worst Thing Ever? (Yes.)


Stop it. (Photo: Instagram)

Stop it. (Photo: Instagram)

NASA has warned us time and time again that the Mayan apocalypse, predicted to fall on 12/21/12, is not scientifically possible. It’s not gonna happen, people! And yet, Twitter users everywhere are spending a disproportionate amount of time coming up with completely original Mayan joke material. Now, there is Instapocalypse, a site that culls Instagram photos published with the #apocalypse hashtag, because we all get the Internet we deserve.

So far the site is pretty sparse, populated by some pics of weird expiration dates on foods and a shoddy-looking apocalypse countdown thing created by something called Versagram. We do, however, have to agree with this photo, which correctly pronounces that 12/21/12 will be the most annoying day in Facebook history. Also, this cat is cute!

If a fiery asteroid does end up hurtling towards earth on 12/21/12, I think we can all die happy knowing that we contributed to such a meaningful project.