James Franco Sells Book of Poetry, Because That Rocket Scientist Gig Fell Through

James Franco; an author thrice-times over! (PMc)

James Franco; an author thrice over! (PMc)

Actor/Yale doctoral candidate James “The building is beige, but the shadows make it shadow-color” Franco, has found another way to exact revenge on the world that made him so rich and famous. And this time, he’s got a poetic license to kill. (… is what Franco tells himself every morning while doing his bathroom affirmations.)

Not content with the subpar book sales of his seminal short story collection Palo Alto, or his straight-to-Amazon-ebook Actor’s Anonymous, Mr. Franco, who recently won second place in a celebrity blogging competition (and here he thought no one “cared” about that news!) has made a deal with Minnesota’s Graywolf Press.

According to The New York Times, the collection will be called “Directing Herbert White,” which, well … just read for yourself:

The collection takes its title from a poem Mr. Franco composed about his work on a short film that he, in turn, adapted from the poem “Herbert White,” by Frank Bidart.

A regular Charlie Kaufman, this one! Can’t wait to read all about shadow-colors in the form of bawdy limericks!