Jerry Seinfeld Answers New York Times Question: ‘What’s the Deal With Comedy Writing?’ (Video)

Jerry Seinfeld know people will not be interested in this video. (NYTimes/YouTube)

Jerry Seinfeld knows people will not be interested in this video. (NYTimes/YouTube)

You know that phrase, “I could listen to him read a phone book”? The implication is that said person is so talented, that they could give a nuanced performance to the most boring material, and you’d still be enthralled.

Unfortunately, there is another saying in showbiz: “If you have to explain it, it’s not funny.”

That being said, here is the very talented Jerry Seinfeld talking in a New York Times video about why words like Pop Tart, chimps, dirt, playing and sticks are all very funny.

I don’t know, man. On the one hand, I love Seinfeld. Not the best actor, but the guy is a living legend. On the other, it’s hard to imagine Larry David sitting through this shit, slowly walking us through an act, saying “This is when people laugh, because it indicates that I am telling a story.”

Here is the original Pop Tart routine, in case you want to compare and contrast: