Berlin Startup Helps You Sound Like a Sex-Crazed Bavarian


(Screencap: Zoobe Cam)

(Screencap: Zoobe Cam)

Feel like your voice messages are lacking a certain je ne sais quois? Is your sultry baritone no longer enough to convince a potential partner to take you on a date? Lucky for you, Zoobe Cam, an app that lets you record voice messages and then stage animated characters to perform them, has released a new version that lets sexy animated ladies convey your messages for you, no sexting required!

Eve is Zoobe Cam’s newest character; you can dress her up in “playful Bavarian style” or even in a holiday-friendly sexy Santa outfit. Though “if you like to enchant your recipients you should go for her sexy witch outfit.” Users can change Eve’s outfits, hair color and backgrounds to suit the content of their messages. So next time your boyfriend asks you to sext him a pic, screw Snapchat: just let Eve act “lascivious” for you.

According to a Zoobe Cam press release:

Eve is able to express her feelings in several ways depending on the message’s content. This can be her most beautiful smile, an apologetically lowering of her gaze or a lasciviously lolling on the screen. The user alone decides which emotional state fits best to his message.

Before you cry sexism, fear not: an “Adam” character is in the works so dudes have someone to identity with. We can only hope Adam’s outfit also involves ledershosen.